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Fête de la musique à Lyon

Place St Jean 21 Juin 2019

Playing in place Saint Jean for the Fête de la musique in Lyon, this event will be a special moment for me, and here is a little story why!.

If you look carefully at the photo, you will see David Cairol with Xavier and Rémi playing at the Fête de la musique last year 2018.

The day before the festival, David Cairol had come from Biarritz where he lives, and stayed at my place to work on the lyrics for his next album.

At the moment he is in Kingston Jamaica recording this album with some legendary musicians and sound engineers who worked with the likes of Bob Marley and so many other great artists and projects.

It was a wonderful moment we had writing. Because I was playing elsewhere, I did'nt get to see him play in Place Saint Jean.

I thought about him, Xavier and Rémi playing at the same time as me and smiled.

This year, I was really happy to be selected to play in place St Jean this for the Fête de la musique in Lyon, as for me it's like a circle has been completed and also the begining for another story.

Take a look at David Cairol for he is a great artist and I can't wait to hear his new album, it will be grand.